About Marco Island homes, condos & living

The city of Marco Island lies about 15 miles South of Naples Florida on Southern tip of Florida’s tropical Southwestern Gulf Coast. Known as the gateway to the 10,000 islands which shoot out from the Everglades, estuaries, rivers, bays and mangroves, Marco Island’s sugar white sand beaches and shallow waters make it Florida’s most ideal city for year around vacationing, retirement or active family living. Marco Island is experiencing a renaissance as the most family friendly full time living communities in Southwest Florida. With the award winning Tommie Barfield Elementary (Kindergarten thru 5th grade), Marco Island Charter Middle School (6th thru 8th grade) and Marco Island Academy (9th thru 12th grade), Marco Island homes have become permanent and primary residence to families where parents telecommute, work in the thriving service industry or travel during the week. Speak to a Marco Island mom or dad who travel for a living and they’ll explain the peace of mind that comes with knowing their spouses and children are enjoying the bounty, beauty, safety and educational benefits life on Marco Island uniquely provides working families. With three international airports within 90 miles driving distance of Marco Island homeowners and vacationers arrive through Fort Myers, Miami and Fort Lauderdale. There is also a very active corporate jet & hanger service available just 15 minutes North of the island in Naples. The Marco Island airport offers private pilots and Key West Commuter service at very affordable rates.

With just over 15,000 permanent residents family life on Marco Island is multi-generational where grandparents and great grandparents can live close enough to enjoy Sunday family dinners, school and after school activities with the children and grandchildren. For outdoor enthusiasts Marco Island offers a wonderland of activities on par with the most lavish Mexican Riviera resorts.
Near shore, off shore and surf fishing are a full-time pass times for many permanent and snowbird residents who are always willing to lend angling advice to vacationers from around the United States, Canada and the world. On-island golf is available at either the Hideaway Beach (members only) Golf and Beach Community or the Marco Island Country Club member’s course.
Be prepared for the November through April crowds which can nearly triple the number of people enjoying the island and be surprised at how “midwestern friendly” the island remains even with the longer grocery lines and waiting times at any number of family and fine dining restaurants, pubs and live music venues.

Off-season (May through October) weather on Marco Island defies what many people envision of a Florida summer. With temperatures in the high 80’s to low 90’s and a near constant coastal breeze, many of our Midwestern and Southern State “Snowbirds” have been seen flying back to Marco in the middle of July “to get a break from the extreme heat and humidity back home.” The winter months speak for themselves when temperatures remain in the 70’s & 80’s causing more than one nationally known U.S. weather forecaster to dub January “National Hate Marco Islanders Month.”

Developed in the late 1960s through the ’70s Marco Island was the dream of Elliot, Robert & Frank Jr Mackle. Under their company, Deltona Corporation, the Mackles completely reimagined and then reengineered the island into the series of canals, beachfront Condos and bayside cottages we see today. While many of the original Deltona homes remain, many have been replaced with beach, Italian and Spanish-themed homes for sale or rent by week or month. Marco Island’s formerly swamp creature-infested façade was reborn under the Mackle Brothers and today lies as a model multi-generational city, resort, snowbird and tourist community.

Whether your Marco Island real estate search is focused on a family move into a condo or single family home, a second home or vacation rental investment property, or the purchase of a waterside lot to build your dream home, I look forward to working with you and showing you why two generations of my family have made our home among the dolphin, tiki huts, sunbathing and “shell hunting at sunset” beaches of Florida’s extreme Southwest Coast.